Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the act of increasing the value of a website with various strategies and techniques.  The more relevant a website is, the higher it ranks in search results when people are looking.

Internet Marketing is complicated.  There are several types of optimization that can help a business move up in search results.  This includes adding content, On-site SEO, External SEO, Social Media Optimization, Video Optimization, Link Building, Blogging and more.

At Marketing Ninjas, Inc. we are all about transparency and want our clients to understand how things work and where their marketing dollars go, which is why we want to take this opportunity to give you a simple and fun breakdown of the notoriously complicated subject of Search Engine Optimization and how it can set your business up for permanent success.

On your mark…get set…scroll!


How important is the first page of Google?

Google’s influence in the digital world is immeasurable and only continues to grow. With Google making up a little over 75% of the U.S. search market and 87% of U.S. mobile searches, it is clear that there is no other form of advertising more important than exposure on Google.  Guess that Bing challenge isn’t working out so well.

Google Fun Facts

  • Number of monthly Google searches: 11.9 billion
  • Number of web pages indexed on Google: 50 billion
  • Global web traffic dip when Google was down 5 min: 40%
  • Estimated percentage of web traffic from organic search: 64%
  • Estimated percentage of web traffic from paid search: 6%
  • Total Google revenue for Quarter 1 of 2015: $17.258 billion

Percentage of Google traffic in the first three pages of a search.

Page 1:     91.5%

PAGE 2:     4.8 %

PAGE 3:     1.1 %

The 3 types of search results on Google’s first page.

(In other words, the 3 ways you can get to the first page)

Google Ads

Even though it is the fastest way to get to the first page, the Google ad campaigns have by far the lowest conversion rate out of the search results. These Pay-Per-Click ads can also wipe out your budget in no time if you are not careful.

Local Results

The results next to the map section don’t always show up.  When they do, the conversion is solid.  Unfortunately, Google’s constant guideline changes with maps have many marketing companies turning away from this type of optimization.  Not us.


The highest conversion.  The best website traffic.  The most difficult way to rank.  With only a few spots available, reaching the first page of Google organically is by far the most difficult task in the modern world of marketing – and a game changer.