Everybody says their team is awesome, but we really mean it.

William “Willy” Le Sante   Founder

Willy has been in marketing since 1997 and has ran campaigns for AT&T, Bell South, Staples, Crystal Springs (PepsiCo) and more.  He’s recruited, trained and managed sales and marketing teams across the country.   These markets include Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Dallas; as well as Miami, New Orleans and New York.

Fascinated with the way Google works, Willy entered the Internet Marketing industry in 2004 and has not looked back.  Primarily focused and involved for the last decade with Legal Industry Internet Marketing (the most competitive online industry), Willy has worked on campaigns and programs that have changed the Internet Lead Gen industry into what it is today.

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In the Internet Marketing Industry since 2004, I was able to be a part of companies growing, merging and cutting back. It was exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. I hired many great people (most just coming into the internet business), just to be ordered to let them go later.  Even though it is how the business world works when there are acquisitions, I was able to see quite a few examples of companies and management behaving badly.

I never agreed with the idea that people are simply disposable and increasing profit is more important than doing business the right way.

Because of this, I decided to start a marketing company that would be fully transparent with clients and make it a point to always be the good guys when doing business.

Who do you bring aboard when starting a company like this?  How about the most awesome people I’ve been able to work with in the last 10 years.  Industry pace setters – each with their own particular set of skills.

Their identities are secret (Superheroes have secret identities).  The impact they make in their fields is not.

We are 31 Lyons Street.

– William Le Sante



Content Writer

School Teacher by Day. Master Content Writer by night. Kelly is our head content writer for a reason. Everything she writes is authentic and responds great when Google crawls it.

A teacher and librarian with a B.A. in International Studies from the University of Washington. Kelly is also an avid reader of EVERYTHING. DIY enthusiast. Kelly writes blog posts, product descriptions, product reviews, sales copy, you name it.

In her free time, Kelly likes traveling, training for distance races, going to Broadway musicals, making stained glass windows, kayaking and hanging out at the local coffee shop.

PRIMARY SKILLS: Writing, Writing and Writing.




Not all printing is created equal. It’s not just the design work we are talking about. Thanks to Val, our print jobs are done with the most modern machinery and the highest quality paper. Most like to play it safe and go as heavy as 14 pt stock. Not Val! She lives dangerously and goes with 16 pt extra heavy paper. The result? Nothing flimsy here.

Val also helps with design work and finalizes everything before it goes into print.

In her free time, Val does printing, printing and more printing.

PRIMARY SKILLS: Graphic Design and Printing.



Senior Designer

A multiple ADDY Award Winner, Alisha is one of South Florida’s most sought after designers. She’s worked as an Art Director for 19 prestigious magazines and designed for companies that include Office Depot, Lexus, Southeast Toyota, the Boys and Girls Club, Ferretti, Bertram Yachts and more.

In her spare time, Alisha enjoys painting (gallery work), is a voracious reader, does volunteer work for LGBT organizations and attends as many concerts as possible.

PRIMARY SKILLS: She makes crap look pretty.




Skilled in the arts of Joomla and WordPress, Frank can create websites from scratch or make a template do what most feel was impossible. Frank is our Swiss army knife of web design.

This machine builds an average of 20 custom websites per year - delivering top shelf work at reasonable pricing. Seriously...this guy’s work area looks like it belongs to Mr. Stark, Mr. Wayne or a mad scientist.

Frank enjoys spending time with his beautiful family, grilling and listening to music on his patio really late at night.

PRIMARY SKILLS: Web Design, Web Development and Writing Code.



PPC Manager

Jennifer is one of Chicago’s leading online marketing consultants and has a decade worth of experience working with Google and handling online campaigns for major companies like Adidas and Gillette. Pay-Per-Click campaigns can either wipe out your budget or be a game changer - depending if it is managed correctly. This hero is an absolute rock start when it comes to Pay Per Click Campaigns.

Jennifer loves spending time with her husband, enjoys working out and is an avid sports fan of Buffalo teams.

PRIMARY SKILLS: Pay Per Click Marketing, Social Media Ad Management, Guest Blogging and Online Reputation Management.



Photographer /Virtual Tour Development

You know that virtual tour you can take of businesses online? Well, not only is Carolina amazing at it, she is actually one of Google’s top certified photographers.

Carolina also has a strong background in business development, marketing and SEO. She also enjoys being involved in amazing causes including Environment, Human Rights, Disaster and Humanitarian Relief, Poverty Alleviation, Science and Technology.

PRIMARY SKILLS: Photography, Google Virtual Tour Development, Marketing Strategies.



Solutions & SEO

With almost 20 years of experience working with businesses that range from small mom-and-pops to fortune 500 Companies, this Ninja loves putting together the perfect strategy for your company’s success, then calling in the team members to execute your plan.

Willy also works directly with and personally handles the Internet Marketing for each Signature Club Member. His success rate for getting his clients on the first page of Google is currently 100%.

In his free time, Willy enjoys his family, working with charities that help children, volunteer work, acting, watching movies, kickboxing workouts and obstacle course races.

PRIMARY SKILLS: Creative Design, Strategy and Search Engine Optimization.