Marketing for Non-Profits

We know it’s not easy trying to make the world a better place.

Still, you try to do it every day by putting in hours and incredible amounts of effort, so you can help the less fortunate know they are not alone in their battle against cancer, abuse or any other challenge they may face.

A big decision non-profits eventually face is figuring out how to grow and look like a reputable organization people want to give to, while at the same time not going over an already small budget for marketing your non-profit.

31 Lyons Street would like to make that decision easy for you.

Marketing companies usually offer a 10 – 15% discount to non-profits. This is really cool of them, but we feel you deserve a little more help for all that you do, which is why 31 Lyons Street offers a 25% – 40% discount to qualifying non-profit organizations.

There is a catch though.

Well, actually, there are four catches…but they aren’t that bad.

The Four Catches Polite Requests

  • We need to make sure everything is legit.   

    It’s nothing against you.  We are confident that you are totally awesome.  Unfortunately, not everybody is like you.

  • No tight deadlines.

    Non-profits get the pricing they do because we are not profiting from them.  Even though there is nothing more important than saving the world together, we need to make sure we are still able to deliver our work in a timely manner to clients that pay regular price.  This is our way to make sure we can still pay the light bill (we can’t do all of our cool stuff without an Internet connection).

  • We need a certain level of creative input.

    The last thing we want to do is get in the way of your vision.  In fact, we insist on making sure your passion is beautifully translated in what we deliver.  We want your product to be an extension of you that also works well with branding and marketing in today’s modern world.

  • Become our biggest advocate.  

    Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and the other social networks.  Ask everyone else in your foundation to follow us too.  Write us a review and/or testimonial if you are happy with what we do.  Feel free to wear one of our t-shirts too (they really are pretty cool).  Woohoo!

Please take the money you save and put it back into the charity where it belongs.  We will take care of the rest.  We love doing this for you because you deserve it.  You Guys Rock!

When you give good to the world, it comes back to you.

We like to think of it as Good Karma.