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Because We Care…

We do not whip up a logo really quick.  We do not offer “free websites” that are built in a single day.  We do not print on cheap paper.  We do not do anything to hurt your business.  What we do is give life to your business.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a massive website or simple Instagram post; 31 Lyons Street treats every project with care.  Our custom work is carefully created for your industry and to clearly deliver the needed message to your target audience.  We give your company the personality it needs to strengthen its brand and stand out in the modern world.

Our work is custom.  Our work is unique – like your business should be.

Everything starts with your logo.  It is the most critical aspect of marketing and is your company’s most important graphic representation.  Every detail matters!  A professionally made logo will deliver your message, build trust, grow conversion and be the strong foundation for a growing company.

The 31 Lyons Street logo creation process is the same detailed approach used by high-end ad firms, but at a fraction of the cost.  This is where your branding begins.

Logo Includes:

  • Consultation – company identity, goal and message
  • Industry and Competitor Research
  • Target Audience Research
  • Design Work
  • Custom Logo – not reused

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31 Lyons Street Websites

Your website is the first impression of your business to someone looking online, and if it doesn’t speak to them, chances are it will be the only impression.  In this day and age almost everyone knows the importance of having a website.  What many business owners don’t realize is the importance of having a quality website – and how to tell the difference between the two.  As convenient and inexpensive as the popular do-it-yourself templates are, these overnight quick fixes are limited in many ways and only focus on appearance.

Are you sharing the same template design as millions of other businesses?  Is the site SEO ready?  Is the site fully responsive?  Is it built for conversion?

All of our sites are custom made with the right things in mind; the user experience, Google, functionality, search engine algorithm changes and most importantly – your success.

Websites Includes:

  • Custom Design Work
  • Industry and Competitor Research
  • SEO Ready
  • High Quality Images – from our library
  • Fully Responsive – opens for all screen sizes – desktop to mobile
  • Google Analytics
  • Complimentary Hosting – 1 year

*Join our Signature Club and enjoy special web design pricing.

We’ve all been there.  You receive a flyer or brochure in the mail, by hand or on your car windshield.  Without a single glance, you toss it and think to yourself, “garbage”.  Each one of those material items was a message a business owner failed to deliver to you – usually because it looked like just another handout.

Now it’s your turn to make marketing material.  Don’t be that guy.

It’s okay to be cost effective, but every piece of material handed is a representation of your company.  Is the design eye catching?  Did you go with the cheap thinner paper to save a few dollars?  Now is not the time to be flimsy.

We start with a white screen and stay away from templates – so our custom design work delivers your message in a way that is unique – just like your business.  Then we recommend going with our impressive 16 pt paper.  When someone holds this, they know they have something special and will give it that quick look to read your message.  Mission accomplished.

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We need to make it clear that the majority of the pictures in this section did not even make the cut.  So, why use them to pitch photography?

We believe effective marketing is telling a story and the best story tellers are the people involved.  They are the personality and culture that make it all work.  At 31 Lyons Street, we stay away from the images that are traditionally used for marketing, as well as minimize stock image use – no yearbook poses or pics of lawyers in front of library books from us.

You know that virtual tour you can take of a business online?  Yeah, we can do that too.  In fact, our photo ninja is ranked as one of Google’s top certified photographers for virtual tours.

People today want something real.  They want to feel like they’ve been to your business before.  In today’s world, transparency always wins.

Let’s show everyone how awesome your business is.

Go Brand Yourself

Great for brand new businesses or companies that need a face lift.  This package covers everything you need to build and brand your new company image.


Website – 10 Pages

Letterhead Design

Business Card Design


Royale with Cheese *

What do you do with something that is already awesome?  You throw some more awesomeness on top of it!  It’s everything from the Go-Brand-Yourself package with three months of our Signature SEO services specially priced.  This will leave your competitors wondering what happened and where did you come from.


Website – 10 Pages

Letterhead Design

Business Card Design

Signature Club |  Level 1 (3 months)


* Due to the exclusivity of our SEO services, the Royale with Cheese package may not be available in your area if there is already a Signature Club member present.  If this is the case, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will still try out all of our other awesome services and products.